When Do-It-Yourself Doesn’t Make Sense

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Are you a do-it-yourself fanatic?

Whenever life presents a new challenge, do you automatically think about how you are going to resolve it using your own know-how and abilities?

Do you do your own plumbing? Oil changes? Carpentry? Install your own solar panels?

If so, you are probably the go-to guy or gal in your family or maybe even for the neighbors and the people at work. Getting things done on your own is usually a very positive trait and people respect that and admire those who can.

But that ability to get things done on your own can sometimes result in additional time (if there is a learning curve involved) or expenses that you just can’t anticipate without a lot of on-the-job experience. In other words, doing everything yourself can actually be a not-so-great idea sometimes.

Do-It-Yourself Doesn’t Always Make Sense

We mention this because planning to do your own hauling with a flatbed truck can have some unexpected complications unless you are a professional driver and you really know what you are doing. Consider these potentially costly complications:

Of course, buying your own flatbed truck is out of the question for most of us unless you are considering a new profession. But how do you decide where to rent equipment from? For example, the truck rental down the street may not have the gear you need to load or unload properly. And the cheapest option in town may be the cheapest for a reason.

You may not know how to secure your load properly. Now there’s a potential disaster in the making. (Just imagine, for example, a load of lumber sliding off the back of the truck.) Securing a load involves knowledge you may not have and just strapping or chaining things tightly onto the flatbed may not provide adequate security if you need to make a sudden stop.

We know it seems simple enough, but there is even skill involved with tarping a load properly. And planning a route requires current information on the various laws, restrictions, roadwork, insurance requirements and permits needed. These aren’t just things you can step over without potential fines or worse.

Fortunately, when it comes to hauling on a flatbed, you don’t have to be a lone wolf.

Nationwide is happy to help you get the job done in the most efficient, safe and least costly way and you can spend your time working on more manageable projects.