Logistics are Not as Easy as Most People Think

Logistics News

In this era of globalization, where products are routinely sent from one country to another on the other side of the world, people tend to assume that the logistics are easy. In fact, they think that logistics means, “just shipping stuff.”

However, while advancement in technology and communications have made it easier for companies to work on long-distance logistics than a couple of decades ago, it still requires skill, experience, planning, agreements, and information. These are all functions that are not really known by the average person. But many tend to trivialize the skills involved in logistics because like in most industries, it looks much easier when someone with experience does it for you.

As with any complex undertaking with multiple variables, experience is extremely valuable in the logistics industry. That’s why if you’re sending anything more complex than a few packages through a courier delivery service, you really want to use the services of a freight company that is well established in the market and has a reputation backed by continuously good results. If you’re a company, it’s not just a good idea to hire such a freight company to handle your logistics, but a necessity.

Companies often fall in the trap of getting the cheapest “solution” and then later discovering that they got what they paid for. While it’s understandable that price is a consideration, it shouldn’t come at the expense of late deliveries, inadequate route planning, or worse, failure to fulfill the specific needs of special cargo, like the chain of cold, heat insulation, or the improper handling of hazardous material. Sometimes the error can be as simple as damaging a crane or other piece of heavy machinery because the freighter didn’t take into account its height before going under a bridge. We’ve all seen that happen.

Properly done, logistics requires skills, tools, knowledge, and experience; things that can’t be learned overnight and that ensure that you can just focus on giving your clients the products they deserve without worrying if they’re going to arrive by the date you promised.

At Nationwide, we make a promise to you: We will put all our resources, be it technology, experience, training, and skills at your service so that you will be able to fulfill your promises to your clients.