Satellite Tracking of Your Load

Logistics News

When it comes to transporting loads inland, there is nothing better than a good, reliable truck. These vehicles have the power and versatility to move virtually anything, regardless of size and weight. They are also the cheapest option available for manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales companies, especially compared to delivery by plane.

But just because we are still using these time proven machines, that doesn’t mean that shipping companies can’t also take advantage of modern technologies to increase their level of service and delivering even higher levels of customer satisfaction. One of the modern techniques that shipping companies are using is tracking by satellite.

When you are sending cargo to a location far away, you want to know where it is at any moment in time. Just consider that, even when you, as an individual, use a courier service, you receive a tracking number that will allow you to know where your package is. The same thing happens with loads shipped by truck.

In the past, you had to rely on CB radios and later cellphones to contact the driver of the truck and ask about his location. While it worked, it was not an optimal solution. First of all, truck drivers do not answer the phone while they’re driving. And secondly, they might be going through a terrain in which cellphone reception isn’t good. Consequently, you often had to wait until the driver reached a rest point to receive an update about the location of the cargo. The system worked more or less like courier guide tracking numbers do today, except the distances were much longer and so were the intervals between updates.

Nowadays, there is a new way of tracking a specific load of cargo without the input from the driver: satellite tracking.

It is exactly what you think. The truck is tracked by satellite and thus the shipping company can know at any given point in time where the truck is at without requiring a response from the driver. This way of tracking is much more accurate and it also provides extra security to your cargo, as the shipping company can know immediately if the truck deviates from its planned course and react accordingly.

Still, all these add-ons and advances are just extra benefits to the basic service of a good, reliable freight trucker. At Nationwide, we have it all.