Conveniences of LTL Shipping

Logistics News

When you send small packages or documents, you typically go to a company that offers courier services. But what happens when your cargo is too big for courier delivery but too small for a trailer truck? In that case, you use LTL shipping.

What is LTL shipping? LTL (which stands for “less than truckload”) shipping is a freight modality in which your cargo shares space with the cargo of other clients. This typically occurs because your cargo is not enough to fill a standard 48- or 53-foot trailer.

If you send such cargo through courier, it would be cost prohibitive, so that option is not on the table. You could try contacting other manufacturers and see if there are any that have cargo that needs to be transported to the same destination of yours. Good luck finding them and good luck making all the arrangements needed to coordinate the cargo of each company, including taking into account any special needs and cargo compatibility.

Your best option is to hire the services of a shipping company that offers LTL shipping.

At Nationwide, we consider LTL shipping as important as full truckload shipping. We have the experience and knowledge needed to handle every aspect involved in the transportation of smaller-sized cargo. We make sure that every item that goes inside an individual trailer truck is 100% compatible with the rest. We make sure each item is properly registered and tracked from the very beginning to the end. We work with you to make sure that guidelines and pricing are easy to understand and to follow. And yes, we are contacted by many clients and arrange the best possible way to keep a truck as full as possible during each stage of the trip.

If your cargo has special requirements, we would like to know about them so that we can offer you the best solution possible. And we do this in the shortest time possible.

Contact us today to get a free quote and let us handle the complexities so you can focus on giving your customers the service they deserve.