Unbelievable Flatbed Loads

Logistics News

It isn’t often that flatbed trucks make the local news. But they sure do when they are carrying a very unusual load, a UFO for example. Yes, we know, it’s hard to believe but you can see the video evidence right on YouTube. See the link here.

Okay, it wasn’t really a UFO. But it sure looked like one didn’t it?

Whether you need to transport a UFO, an experimental military plane, or some other large oversized, or extra-wide load, the choice of transport on a flatbed truck is your most flexible solution.

For people and businesses that transport lumber, logs, concrete pipes and tanks, or large equipment like road graders or harvesters etc., flatbed trucks are the obvious go-to solution to the transport problems they face every day. In fact, you may have been working with the same shipping company for year after year without getting updated information on available fleet equipment and pricing updates.

We at Nationwide are always happy to provide competitive pricing information. You may be surprised to learn that we can beat your current shipping company by offering more affordable solutions for your transport needs. Updated information is a simple phone call away.

If you are newly considering transportation options and you have many questions, you will find that our Customer Service Representatives are happy to spend time with you answering them. We know that the transport choices you make can be the difference between profitability or loss and we are committed to giving our customers every advantage we can.

While we know that flatbed trucks solutions aren’t for every company or every shipping need, we hope you will not hesitate to call us. We have been able to help customers solve very challenging transportation situations. But then we’ve also been able to help customers who need flatbed truck shipping on a regular basis find competitive solutions that meet their day-to-day needs for year-after-year.

So, whether you’re an old hand at shipping or a complete newbie (with or without a UFO), we hope you’ll give Nationwide a call today.