Specialized Logistics: Who You Gonna Call?

Logistics News

The transportation of products across the United States and beyond has become a relatively standardized process. That’s fine if you ship boxes that don’t require special treatment and can be stacked neatly in a trailer truck. But what if you sell a product that has very specific transportation needs and can’t be shipped in the regular way? What if your product requires that it always be under a certain temperature or if you are shipping a hazardous material or it simply has dimensions that make it impractical to put it in a standard box?

Specialized LogisticsIn that case, you call a freight company that offers specialized logistics. One that has seen and shipped everything and is ready to take on any special request that you might have, over any distance. Only then will you be assured that your product arrives to your clients exactly as you intended it to.

For example, the chain of temperature is one such request that can be challenging to obtain and one in which the freight company simply cannot make any mistakes. Products like food or some medications can spoil and become useless, or worse, they could become toxic and dangerous when consumed. Likewise, hazardous materials by their very nature have special requirements that have to be handled properly at all times.

But it’s not just the nature of the product that might make you require specialized logistics. Often, the weight and size of your product is what makes it impossible to ship by conventional means. Maybe the length or width of your product is larger than a standard semi-truck trailer or maybe your product’s height is taller than the tunnels or bridges along the roads that take you most directly to your destination.

At Nationwide, we have worked with clients in various industries and learned how to handle the most unconventional of products. We take the product from your hands and put it safely in the hands of your client, while taking care of all the details involved during the trip. We make sure that your product is safe for shipping, take care to maintain the temperature properly, and plan the best and shortest routes possible.

Feel free to call us so that we can discuss your special needs and how we can help you deliver your product safely and on time.