Advantages of Hiring Flatbed Shipping Companies

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Companies that produce products or materials of unconventional sizes, weights, or use certain specialized materials can’t always ship them using conventional trailer trucks. This includes military equipment, construction vehicles and materials, pipes and concrete prefab components, logs and lumber, farming equipment, and a wide variety of machinery and manufacturing equipment. Hiring flatbed shipping companies is a great option.

The best option for companies producing or transporting materials like these is shipping their products on flatbed trucks. The flatbed option gives companies several advantages, especially if they are working with a reliable shipping company.

  • Their products can actually be shipped. In many cases, the company just doesn’t have any other option, especially if their products are extremely large, long, or tall. Many of these companies have to sell only to clients that are willing to come to their premises. By hiring a flatbed shipping company, these companies can expand their delivery area and reach clients farther away.

  • They have access to expertise in dealing with federal and local permits. Because the products of these companies often have sizes and weights that go beyond the limits of typical cargoes, permits are often required. While these companies are the ones that have to obtain their permits, flatbed shipping companies often give counseling on how to obtain these permits since they have experience dealing with them on a regular basis.

  • They don’t have to deal with logistics, maintenance, or fueling. Flatbed trucks require a lot of work. They have to be fueled, parked, and maintained. Trucks require preventative maintenance or they eventually break down and need to be repaired. There needs to be a physical space large enough to park them when not in use.

  • Trucks need to produce a return on investment. Flatbed trucks are expensive. When a flatbed is inactive, when it isn’t making money or performing useful service, for whatever reason, it increases costs and lowers profits. And of course, they need drivers who hold special licenses. That means hiring and payroll. Finally, flatbed trucks eventually need to be replaced, often when there are tax benefits to do so. All of this requires expertise that is better left to professional shippers.

  • The pros can calculate shipping time estimates more accurately. Flatbed shipping companies have much more experience with transporting material and they are better able to offer accurate delivery estimates. This allows manufacturers to give better customer service.

  • They have fewer problems dealing with accidents, highway repairs and natural disasters like flooding. Not only are accidents less likely due to more experienced drivers, but when they do happen, the flatbed shipping company’s drivers and other personnel are trained to deal with such events. They are often in a better position to help you deal with the ensuing procedures. Obviously, this is not a substitute for proper insurance.

But perhaps the main advantage of hiring a flatbed shipping company is that you will have less work and risk to deal with and you can dedicate your staff and resources to activities that are more beneficial to your company. After all, unless your organization is dedicated to transportation, you’re likely to profit more from your core business rather than in saving on shipping using your own trucks and staff. In a world that becomes more competitive by the day, allocating your energy and resources properly is key to success.

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