High-Value Cargo: Working with Someone You Trust

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Not all cargo is created equally.

Transporting logs isn’t the same as transporting cars or heavy machinery, cars, or medical equipment.

For 25 years, Nationwide Transportation has helped our clients feel assured that their precious cargo will be protected all the way to its destination and arrive there in time. Most of our customers are repeat customers because they understand the value of reliable service. We build long-term relationships with our customers.

During the years, we’ve safely transported all types of high-value cargo, including but not limited to art, trade show equipment, jewelry, solar equipment, state of the art technology, computer and other technical equipment, custom vehicles, and medical equipment, among others.

Our drivers are not only highly trained and experienced with each of these types of cargo, they are also extremely discreet about the cargo they’re transporting, giving further assurance that your cargo is in safe hands.

High-Value Cargo Delivered on Time

Often, high-value cargo has a high delivery date priority. As with all our cargo, we make sure that yours arrives on time to its destination. However, in the case of high value cargo, we take extra steps planning and preparing the transportation of your shipment, in order to make sure that it not only arrives on time, but that someone responsible will be on the receiving end to sign for it.

High-Value Cargo Protected

Since high-value cargo is often fragile, for example in the instance of wine cases or very specialized technology, we make sure that it’s properly fastened so that it doesn’t shift during the trip. In addition, we make sure that it’s properly covered and protected against the weather and the elements.

If your cargo is required to be at a certain temperature at all times, we make sure that the chain of cold is respected from the moment we pick it up at your premises to the moment we deliver it at its destination, therefore assuring you that your client will receive your products as fresh and cold as the moment they left the plant.

Since high-value cargo involves a high risk, why bother shipping with someone else who is not a leader in our industry? Simply put, there is no point. Our prices are competitive. If you do find a much cheaper option, just remember that generally speaking, you get what you pay for.

Discover why Nationwide Transportation is one of the most trusted shipping companies in the USA.