What’s a Fully Integrated Logistics Provider?

Logistics News

Why do we call ourselves a fully integrated logistics provider? A fully integrated logistics provider is a company that specializes in every aspect involved in transporting your cargo from one place to the other.

Many people ask the obvious question, “Why not just call it a freight or courier company?” Because it’s not just a matter of loading materials or products into a truck and driving them to their destination. Modern-day cargo transportation involves many things; moving freight from a boat, taking it across the nation through roads that are appropriate and legal for the type of cargo, unloading and re-loading your cargo at a hub, loading it and unloading it at a train station or airport, and delivering it at the final destination; all of this while taking into account the records, registration, insurance information, tracking, and classification of your cargo.

At the same time, you want to be the company in your industry that will beat the competition not just in the quality of your service, but in your delivery time. A fully integrated logistics provider is in the best position to make sure all of the items listed above are integrated and functional in the shortest time possible.

Obviously, the needs of every manufacturer or trader are unique and different. At Nationwide, we will work with you in order to give you the solution that you need. Does your cargo need to arrive as soon as possible? We’ll plan the shortest and fastest route possible, while still adjusting for any special road needs and requirements that are necessary for your cargo. Is your cargo small enough that it won’t fill a truck? Worry not, we will fill a truck with cargo from other clients and keep costs low enough for you with a modality called LTL (for Less Than Truckload). Is your cargo large enough that it’s wider than a truck? We’ll get you the appropriate flatbed and the equipment necessary to steady your cargo.

Contact us today and forget about dealing with multiple freighters.